Safe and Good Travel Tips to Philadelphia

Philadelphia comes with a rich historical heritage and is in fact one of the most visited cities in the United States. It’s also in Philadelphia to where the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence was signed in its Independence Hall. Even Benjamin Franklin called this city as home. Also, before Washington, D.C had obtained its role, Philadelphia was actually the country’s capital. Now, it is filled with amazing museums, lively nightlife, have amazing sports teams and comes with thriving restaurants that are offering different types of delicious cuisines.

Its Customs and Cultures

Philadelphia is actually known to have a relaxing vibe and with different and accepting atmospheres. This also is called as the City of Brotherly Love. It’s home to different ethnic neighborhoods and is in fact one of the largest gay communities in the U.S.

Good Food

The dining scene in Philadelphia have been through amazing makeovers in the past, which actually made the city earn the spot as one of the best food destinations in the U.S. Now, there are new dining establishments that continue to open in the city. In case you are in search for the more classy and pricey restaurants, you can locate them around the trendy Old City. There are also Indian, Japanese and French foods in Center City. If you have the taste for simple Italian cuisines, South Philly or Center City would be a good place to find them. In order to make your trip to the city complete, tasting soft pretzels or Philadelphia cheesesteak would be the best thing.

Safety Advice

Though the main tourist areas in Philadelphia like the Center City are generally safe, there are some travelers that say that other parts of the city can be dangerous sometimes. So as a word of advice during your travels, not only in Philadelphia, you should always keep your valuables near you and hidden from view at all times. When you are unsure on how you could get to your destination, taking a cab or driving there is a good choice. This is actually a simple tip that should be applied whenever you are traveling to new places.

The best way when it comes to getting around Philadelphia is by foot. Some of their attractions however will need some mode of transport like the Philadelphia Zoo, most of their sightseeing actually is however centered in Society Hill, Rittenhouse Square and in Old City to where it is pedestrian-friendly. When you wish to get to the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and around the city, you could find buses, subways and trolleys which are available. Make sure that you also invest in a good map during your travels.

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