You Won’t Forgive Yourself if You Forget This When Giving Corporate Gifts

Each year presents a perfect moment to appreciate your clients and employees. It could be Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Easter, employees’ week, customer service week, etc. Gifts send a message of gratitude to your clients and employees for all that they do and show them that you value them. Nevertheless, there are dos and don’ts for gifting you should follow to ensure that you do not send a wrong message with your gift. They are:

Showing preference when offering gifts to your staff is inappropriate. It makes them feel that some of them are more superior and this could affect their productivity negatively. Ensure that they are alike and if they are dissimilar, their value should not vary significantly.

While uniformity is important when gifting employees, it doesn’t have to apply to your clients. Finding out about your clients’ preferences can help you give them a gift that creates a huge and positive impact because it feels personal to them.

Unique and specialized gifts can make your clients feel special. Putting a mark of them on the gift will certainly cheer them up.

Do not fall for the thought of choosing a gift which is too specific to an individual’s personal taste and habits such as a cigarette box, bar set, etc. unless of course you know they wouldn’t mind getting that item which you buy them. Keep your gifts neutral and unisex.

Always remember that we come from different upbringings and what is acceptable in one region might not be appreciated in another setting. For instance, wine is guaranteed to please as a gift in Western countries, but is just acceptable to those who love wine in the East.

Note that, some gifts work magic ever time. They are classic and may include a box of chocolate, assorted sweets, fruit basket, and so on.

Make sure that the quality of your gifts is excellent, particularly those which you present to your clients. Gifts of poor quality can give your clients the impression that you do not care about quality and this can hurt your business.

Always remove the price tag of your gift, regardless of its cost. Let them find out about the price on their own if they wish.

When offering many gifts at once, make use of deals that can help you make money. Work with companies that produce the kind of items you wish to give.

The appearance of your gift counts a lot. It is the first thing that meets the eyes of those whom you present it to. Make sure you package and present your gift excellently.

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